For Love’s Sake

If love had a cost it would be priceless and I would be broke, broken and bankrupt. I would always forget to invest my energy in the attention it required instead of the stuff it wanted. Selfishly I made love about what I could share with them, not their needs. Imagine what we could be together with a clear vision and focus to be transparent, accountable and healthy. It’s a diet to those that indulge in trying to impress people that swear you have to earn their respect before they dignify your existence.

We identify love by the shape of our hearts without knowing if it ever dwelled in the spirit of the Lord. Love's not in candy, cards, or gifts. It's in the honor, respect, admiration, and unconditional integrity. One day can make the ultimate difference, but it's the consistency of love that fuels the intensity of its possibilities.

Respect and trust in those feelings is shown in how much you desire to make a difference in someone’s life. If they can recognize the effort in how special they are to you, it could make the ultimate difference. How we treat one another makes a difference. We should love everyone the same as God loves us. The level of access may vary, but love will always be love. If your love tank stays full you will never know how much you could have ever loved by giving it to someone that could never accept it as genuine. We don’t become depleted in service or charity. The frustration is in how much time can be wasted waiting to be acknowledged as worthy of your narrow, inconsiderate, imperfect ideal of love’s requirement to gain your respect. God has shown us the difference and we’ve experienced forgiveness to the degree we stop making the same mistakes in loving things that will never love us in return. Amen

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