Why Cheat When You Know the Answer...

There’s this one test I can’t cheat on. I know you shouldn’t on any but there are so many examples answering the same questions; why struggle??? You can’t cheat life at least not for your own happiness, God’s grace or to bless others. It matters that you know everyday is a test. It’s ok and you will fail some days, but not your whole daggone life. At some point we realize that we are repeating a cycle, argument or sin. Did you have too engage in that particular test?

Failure is knowing better and settling for less. Yes, you come to a point in life where you have enough and you’ve gained wisdom to share with these young folks. If you leave no legacy or mark on the world coming after your turn how will anyone ever understand the difference between their test and a future testimony?

I’m in the fullness of life recognizing trouble a mile a way. Some troubles I keep two miles away and other are is worth the hell we can raise together. Don’t ever forget the devil knows how to pray better than you believe in yours. The difference is the faith you have in the God you serve. Every lie will tell you your life and it's efforts don’t count. Your lies expose that you have not achieved a transparent boldness willing to risk comfort for the truth God reveals in your walk with him, not without. Everybody can’t come or go with you through your test.

The feeling you have in your gut when status quo isn’t enough is an example. Another could be taking on a responsibility you don’t need right now. This is the first question you must honestly answer for your test to begin. There is no turning back once you commit to the test, someone or something is depending on you more than you know. The answer is always in the acceptance of the task, not the answer.

Can you trust God through it and are you willing to be disappointed and dissatisfied in it. No pencil is required and there is no extra credit for cute answers. Smiles and compliments will not impress God. Your faithfulness to be honest before you take the test is all that is required. Cheat if you can’t get caught, but remember you will and you will never pass a test that does not examine the caliber and capacity of your integrity. You fail automatically when it becomes an option to get through what God has prepared you to endure. Players become coaches when they lead the team by example. If your tests don’t change your life you’re simply in a challenge not hard enough to completely rely on God to pull you through. Be mindful that your obedience will provide answers that books can’t. God will speak to you before and after, but not during. You’ll know you’ve passed the test when you give away the answers to someone searching for a miracle in their doubts, fears and sins. God will use you as their cheat sheet of an example to follow. Amen

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