Awake but Not Woke

The sudden wake up calls get you the worst. Imagine lying there not realizing that your awakening must happen now. NO!!! RIGHT NOW. Sleep is no longer peaceful or comfortable.

It's an annoying moment where insomnia reacts to your anxiety and you get the most out of 10 minute power naps. After all the struggle to get those 10 minutes of sleep you've lost another 23 hours and 50 minutes of rest.

The confusing haze between the need for rest and the desire to fall asleep are the start and end point of being tired knowing there was time available and your mind wouldn’t allow your body the trade space to comply. It's like being told not to mourn because there was no death.

There will be levels of awareness similar to grief in worrying about thing you can’t control. No one gets to tell you you’re ok or when it’s ok to grieve. The space under you feet not being as wide as you hoped will cause you to worry about how long it will take the trap door to open. The fear is that it will and when it never does the new normal is an even greater challenge than the need for rest, comfort and security. Life prepares you for life with the time we have today and the hopes we put into other's effort for a tomorrow we aren't owed.

You can’t get ready to survive a fall when you’re at the lowest point of your belief in success. If you’ve accepted failure at this point of the trial, redemption is available. Grief will indulge your opportunity to show how bad it hurts and who you wished could take the pain away knowing the circumstances can't.

The awakening is God showing you that you've been given signs, tools, talents, and gifts all along to get ready and this moment where you feel what you’ve never felt before will prepare you to live through the testimony you will transparently share. Waking up invigorated will be your strength to get the most out of the rest of the space you're not afraid to allow God’s presence in you to fulfil.

The awareness and genuine feelings of you journey will give you more than enough energy to have nothing left when God’s will is done. We will all learn to abide in his trust that we won’t cheat our time with him worrying about things only he can fix. The rest is history in what he has shared, shown and given to you in the trust you have in him. You've witnessed that he makes no mistakes and he’s given you your daily bread to live, not just survive. Tomorrow is too far away to worry about, but his plan is to use you in it. It's time to wake up and be available to serve in the passion of his forgiveness when you realize you have nothing to worry about concerning his judgement of your past. Amen

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