When Everything Hurts

We live until we die. That’s it. Some of us will witness what it’s like to die on the inside just a little every time our feelings are hurt or rejected by who or what God never intended for us to be with or connected. There will be pain and it’s inevitable.

In life there will be some things that hurt or injure your mind or body. The time to heal or seek help will determine which you are going through. My body hurts from years of wear and tear. I have a tolerance for pain, but when there is an injury I need immediate attention to allow me an opportunity to assess the time table of my own healing.

All pain is caused by an accident that caused an injury. There is one accident and similar incidences are now acceptable habits that your pain will invest in becoming strong enough to endure the consequences. Rejection always hurts, but my healing is encapsulated in resilience to know that there are levels of sacrifice that come with the pain of wanting something that will not allow you access. There is an investigation to pain. The mind immediately goes to how the injury occurred and who can be at fault. When it hurts there’s a coping mechanism that is my “go to” remedy to avoid the waves of emotions that come with hurt feelings.

The positive is that whatever it was it didn’t kill me. I can move forward to take my mind off the pain or find a new distraction for greater resolve. The age old cliché of getting stronger through disappointments comes when you realize the experience was necessary to place you where God needed you more than the disappointment you felt.

The release and forgiveness required to seek help when you’re injured is a bold affirmation of your vulnerability. Be vulnerable enough to seek help that will put your mind at ease about the possibilities and benefits of a course of action to heal.

Your connection and trust in God is where we allow his promise to heal our expectations. There will be times you want what you want while God is providing the needs of your lack. The chase will weaken the muscles that are not being trained to strengthen. Forgiveness is a heart and soul strengthening exercise. The heart will give you the desire to seek what God has for you once you recognize what he can't place in your heart to continue.

Exercise your right to be covered in prayer and allow your obedience to be the covering, recovery and healing power that pain can’t thrive in. God will give you peace beyond the understanding of your pain. Live, thrive and strive in the peace God has give you to be healthy as your faith seeks. Amen

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