The Goal is Aligned with God’s Promise

This picture represents faith in God's unwavering power to never fail or survival of the fittest. Neither player is right or wrong. The goal represents the impact or denial of achievement. There’s a level of access desired to achieving a realizable goal.

No matter how close you get there will be an ideal of rejection that can deter you. The block can represent trouble or a formidable challenge. The goal never moved. It didn’t care. It just stares at you. The goal has nothing in front of it and you’ve made the achievement as part of your portfolio of success. The goal is waiting for you to exceed its standard. It will not change after you’ve mastered the task necessary to get there.

There are people have a mindset about your ambition to reach any goal. Easy and hard are themometers of comfort. There is no space between their reality of failure. If a player fails to score it doesn’t mean the team has lost. When it becomes your soul’s goal to win losing will become a microcosm of your emotions. Failure builds resilience. Success combines confident fixtures of reference. Failure represents a decision point. You can try something new or try until you become successful according to your own metrics satisfy your efforts appeal.

Relationships are all about the success of communication and the defeat of selfishness through transparent vulnerability to help others where you’ve failed to help yourself. It’s all about achieving goals and getting through obstacles together. It’s about finding and believing the best in one another and not allowing selfish deceitful thoughts to deceive you. The smallest things will distract you from feeling the joy of accomplishing menial tasks that contribute to huge goals.

Regardless of the situation God is in the midst of this image. God gave them both the talent to get to that moment. Faith will prevail as the testimony after that moment. You have to put it all on the line for the relationships you pursue and transcend. I have my relationship in Christ; with a fervent yes to the trust we share all of my goals changed. I no longer had to go after the goal head on. God provided angels and a horrible jump shot to help me. Winning and losing didn’t matter. I only have one life to live and today is one I can score as a victory. Amen

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