I’m convinced angels can walk on the clouds of our lives and we meet them at the perfect time. It's usually somewhere between healing from the last disappointment and meeting the next blessing.

I believe we all have angels watching over us. God sends them in the form of connections to embrace us at our worst, trying and most confused times. I’m convinced that all of my sins are forgiven. I’m so transparent that not all my thoughts aren’t sinful. It’s a fleeting thought deterred by conviction and accountability. That’s the difference between my genuine mistakes and "un-forgiveness" my guilt won’t allow my secrets to forget. Those clouds are held together by the perfect chemistry. The accountable relationships that foster my actions, reactions and perceived regrets challenge my resolve to accept peace as an alternative.

Love is two parts chemistry, totally forgiving yourself while engaging with angels that only see what God created in you both to help others. Heaven is in the moments we share laughing without punchlines enjoying the time God created in the now. Angels are as real as these words meeting your understanding. They don’t chase, yell, instigate or antagonize. They promote your vision, invest in your future and give you their time without reservation. They give all that you ask and refuse to accept your pity with their empathy. Their sympathy is genuine not in their experience but in the pain of not being able to take it away.

Your angels are on God's assignment to protect and guide you. Some are here for a lifetime and others only a season. All simply want the best that God can use in you. Amen

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