My Deepest Frustration

My deepest frustration is trying to handle things on my own. I have a village willing to help me through. My ego wants me to be strong, dependable and rational. God want me to be loyal, dependable and trusting in him that all things we can get through it with him together. One of my most frustrating attributes is that I will not agree with the enemy with you. I will ask if you want to pray or pray for God to change the situation for you. It matters what you ask God to do. He’s listening to you. Your prayers are being answered. The last thing he wants is for you to suffer alone or for nothing. God will use pain as an indictment that you need his help. He will use frustration as a sign you need his council to get through it. Heart break hurts, heartache is agonizing. God doesn’t take the love that betrayed you away he shows you loves possibilities in someone and something new. It’s up to you to seek God together to see if it should last a season or a lifetime. Friendships trust God individually. Relationships trust God collectively. Marriages trust, depend and need God to become one body that was once two minds with separate intentions. It’s best that best friends marry one another to give God praise for one another to glorify the atmosphere around them. You life is a marriage to the God you serve until he provides a village that can use his trust and gifts provided to you. It matters what you hold on too and who you let go. Make no excuses about what and where God must intercede and where you need to watch and be amazed. You are today’s present in its presence. Your talent and integrity are the gift. Everything you have been put through is the experience and sharing the whole testimony is how you will help others. Amen

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