When The Ark Doors Open

Let’s go back to the basics for a second today. Everything in our lives is based on the power of agreement. The fertilized egg agreed to become one body. That chemical event eventually grew a brain and spinal chord and somehow that baby lived in a liquid environment without breathing air for 9 months. You can call it science. I call it God’s amazing way of communicating without words. Every part of you was a “yes”. From skin tone to voice baritone. There was an agreement between God and all the factors against you to grow in a world of viruses, bacteria and disease. You made it in the womb protected from all hurt harm and danger. The world we live in now is in a decisive space where affection can cause affliction. We must actually communicate our needs with people that could be carriers of a virus without a cure. They look healthy but they may not be on the inside. It’s the same as the relationships you delve into without God at the center of YOUR life. The same as he was between those two elements that agreed to become one spirit, body and flesh. Whether it was words or actions the defining moment of life was spoken into existence. Your words will matter more than your touch in this season. Mark these words. A lot of marriages won’t survive a lock down, because they don’t know what words to use to love one another sufficiently and unconditionally. The spirit needs words, it need the sense of belonging, nurturing, acceptance and forgiveness. When God allows many off this Ark they will disperse knowing God never brought them together to stay they just fit nice along the cute edges. This season proved that they can survive without one another grace and infection. Don’t let that be you. Love in harmony with the love of Christ, sacrificing emotions and feelings for space to be whom God created. Come together to seek the best in one another and let nothing tear you apart if you’re together. Do your part God will do the rest. The enemy fears silence and peace. It’s not to say that others don’t have a choice, but allow God to make that decision for them. Amen.

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